About Me

My name’s Helene Holz. I live in Melbourne, Australia.
I bought my first BJD in 2005. It’s also the first thing I ever bought online.
Some of the experiments I do on my dolls are borderline dangerous or just vandalism, I think… but I’m a curious soul and I can’t help tinkering.

I like: arts & crafts, Barbies, cats, food, aquatic sports, home renovation shows, indie bands and video games.

My other BJD related websites:

Flickr – photos of my dolls

Ruggedrealism.wordpress.com – some doll faceups I’ve done

That-Venitu.tumblr.com – my dolls @tumblr

Deleted-Dollshe.tumblr.com – showcase of my dolls’ outfits @tumblr

Instagram.com/dkeats888.03 – My every day picture posts


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