Painting Faceup Dollshe Arsene

Wow it’s official! The Dollshe Arsene is my most favourite doll. The face shape is very pleasing and versatile, you can turn him into a sweet character or a mature character. The resin from Dollshe is the best to paint and it’s available in so many different colours.

I hope to paint a hundred of them. That’s right, 100 Arsene faces!! Lol… I don’t know if it can be possible, but I can dream…

For now I’d just like to share with you all two that I’ve painted so far… (98 more to go!)

In Copper Oriental – Doll belongs to Frederic Butz:

Faceup Commission for Frédéric

Faceup Commission for Frédéric

In Freshskin – Doll belongs to Julie Woodbury:

Faceup for Julie W

Final Step

For more photos please refer to my faceup portfolio:

For those of you interested, this is a progression of how I painted the Freshskin:


Step 1: Blush with some base colours.

Step One

Step 2: Add some markers for the eyebrows.

Step Two

Step 3: Add some skin texturing. I’m trying out a skin effect I call “Babyskin”, which is not so much a freckly looking skin, but more vasodilation of the blood vessels close to the skin surface.

Step Three

Step Three

Step 4: Pop some eyes into the head and check for facial expression. Also at this point add some more detailing if necessary.

Step Three

Step 5: This is my favourite stage, which is to paint the details like eyebrows, eyelashes and lips.

Step Four

Final step: Before the final sealing, I give it an overall green or blue dust to temper the different elements of the colours previously laid. After that I finish off by giving gloss to the lips and eyes.

Final Step

Painting Faceup Dollshe Arsene

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