When I had finished painting Kitson (on left) I thought “WOW YOU ARE ONE FUGLY MOTHAFUCKA” and was super embarrassed of him because really folks, he was some garbage paint job, lol. Now I am more embarrassed to know that someone on Ebay thought that this is a look worth replicating on recast dolls and is selling this as makeup option B. Egad! Come on folks, don’t perpetuate garbage, make something nicer & different lah!



Anyway, I’m not going to discuss the problems regarding copying a recognisable image without obtaining proper permission (which they haven’t obtained) I just wanna talk about Kitson and why he looked the way he did, so next time somebody wants to replicate his looks exactly they at least have some sort of an idea about what it is they are drawing or why they are using chains and shit. Kitson was the unfortunate kid who got turned into an undead creature and was later poached and forced to fight in illegal arenas as a zombie slave (you can read a bit about him here: https://thatvenitu.wordpress.com/2015/03/01/silence/). The nicks and slashes across his face were primarily from those endless fights. Most of the time he is feral and uncontrollable, especially when he smells blood or living flesh, that is why his handlers put him in chains/restraints. Despite appearing/behaving like a monster, Kitson’s humanity sometimes resurfaces, he feels remorse and anguish when he realises what he has done, that is why he sometimes sheds tears when no one is watching and hence the dirt stained tear tracks on his cheeks.


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